Heston Design Studio is a full service interior design practice based in Austin, Texas that specializes in hospitality and residential interiors. Launched in 2012 by Heather Plimmer, the interior designer responsible for the interiors of the W Austin Hotel & Residences, Heston Design Studio aims to create spaces that are elegant and sophisticated, but also comfortable and welcoming.  Our interiors typically feature clean, calm and natural backdrops punctuated with thoughtful combinations of textures, materials and a keen eye for proportion.  Our design process relies heavily on close collaboration with the client and our vendors in order to ensure we've created a space that functions as beautifully as it looks.  

Heather Plimmer, Principal 

Heather's modern design aesthetic is balanced by a love of the traditional details and sensibilities she was exposed to growing up in Connecticut.  Inspired to create dramatic yet cozy spaces, her interiors feature a sophisticated mix of textures, materials, and design styles that she combines to create a sense of place and comfort unique to each client. 

Although she could be found scrutinizing pre-fab house plans or making umbrella forts in the front yard when she was young, Heather officially began her design career over ten years ago as a designer for Starwood Hotels Worldwide.  She was part of a wonderful design team at Starwood and served as a Senior Designer for the W Hotels brand for 5 years. After fate landed her in Texas in 2007, Heather was introduced to the owners and developers of the W Austin.  Immediately following that introduction, she was offered the opportunity of a lifetime - to come on board at Stratus Properties to head up the interiors team working on the W Hotel in Austin - and she took it without a second thought.  Working hand in hand with Andersson-Wise Architects and BOKA Powell, Heather's knowledge of hospitality design helped to guide the team through the process of creating a space that both the W brand and the ownership group are proud to call their own.

Today Heather lives in Austin with her husband and their two dogs, Cooper & Sadie.  She continues to work as the Director of Design for Stratus Properties as well as the Principal Designer of Heston Design Studio. She holds degrees from Vanderbilt University and Parsons School of Design.

Cate DeForest, Designer

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